Lexi loves wankers!!!

I love jerk-off boys...you guys are so amusing! To hear you pant and beg for your release. Like little puppies, begging for your treat.

I was supposed to go to the beach today,but got rained out. Tommorow it's on though. What do you guys think when you go to the beach? Do you closet-fags ogle the hot, oily guys? Wishing you could take them under the Boardwalk and suck their juicy cocks? God, you whores! How bout you wanker bitches? Do you touch your dicks under your swimshorts when a hot girl strolls by? Are you the perv in the ocean, jerking off? How bout you sissies? Do you admire the girls in bikinis, wishing you could wear them too? Admiring their red toenails in the hot sand.

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tell me your beach fantasies. I'm bored, it's raining,and I need amusement


Okay...I'm all moved in and taking calls again. I know some of you got the update e-mail I sent out on Niteflirt. Of course, alot of you lil bitches did not listen, and do what you were supposed to. Oh well, silly boys. Guess ya'll need some more training.

So Ken says he can't spend anymore money. Hmmm....I find that humorous, as I have a funny feeling he'll be right back. He's fighting his temptations right now. Yes, I do understand his reasons for not spending money right now. But he loves me, and he wants to make me happy. All it takes is one little cigarette between my lips, and Ken is at my disposal. One little personalized video from me. You other boys can get custom vids too, if you do something to make you worthy of them.

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June is Bare it all for Summer" month. So why don't you boys call my confession line, and tell me your dirtiest, most embarrassing secret?
Come on, tell me what a dirty bitch you are!

For this month only, in honor of the promotion,my confession line will be $1.49 per min. I will also have a "Dirty Confessions" assignment. Flirt Phonesex Blog -a- thon

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I know I haven't updated in a while, but I'm in the process of moving to my new home. So I've been really busy. And i want to give a special thank you to my Pet Ken for buying me things for my new home. He does know that he must keep a smile on the face of his Goddess. And he has been trained really well. Such a good pet he is. I went to the Post office today, and had so many packages, I had to make two trips. I do love being spoiled<3

For all the boys lucky enough to have my yahoo ID~~~I'm not available much on there. So if you see I'm taking calls, then you should call me. Don't be a freebie seeker...LMAO! I love playing with new boys....making you blush, maybe whimper a bit. A full-on sob would be hilarious. I had a new caller the other day, who I turned into a nasty little cum-eater. It was funny too, cause he sounded all macho. Bragging about how big his dick was. It's a wonder what a teasing fantasy with me and my girlfriends will do to a man. I also have my Pet trying some new things. And of course, he's liking them. All it takes is a puff of smoke from my gorgeous lips, and he's putty in my pretty hands.

I have two new things for sale on Niteflirt:

Three pics of my big, beautiful tits, at a special low price.Perfect for all you lil maturbation whores!

A new * Tease and Denial * MP3...5 1/2 minutes long. Let's see if you can obstain from releasing your load..lol

** So, get your hand outta your pants, and call me**
1-800-to-flirt ext. 9417505

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Monday felt like my birthday....I sent my boyfriend to the Post Office to pick up what I thought was one package. He came back with six (haha).

My Ed Hardy Flops...and YES my toes were looking a HOT MESS...but it's okay, you love em anyways!!!

Gifts from Ken and Tart...not pictured: my new vaccum cleaner(thanks Ken). And I still have more I need to pick up at the PO.

Ken also sent me a card with a nice little present inside. Thank you Ken...you are my good boy!!!!

Now, as I told you, one of my besties is starting on Niteflirt. Her listing is up now, so why don't you boys go and welcome her?

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Hmmm...it's 11:51 pm and guess what? Fatchance1988 aka Randy, is still a LOSER! He called me today on my oral sex line. Now my oral sex line is not about me sucking dick, or you getting the pleasure of licking my pussy. Nope, my oral sex line is for boys who want to suck cock for me. So know I know Randy is probably sitting at home, dreaming of a big fatty in his mouth.  Oh and ladies....when he called, he came in like, 3 minutes. HAHAHAHA.....LAME!

I am shooting for a beach vacation the first week of June. I'll probably only be staying a weekend, but that's fine. I love the beach and I sooo wanna move there. Of course, the beach I adore ( and lived as a kid) is secluded, and there's nothing there but a grocery store and some seafood restaraunts. SO if I ever move there, it'll probably be when I'm alot older. But I love to visit there, cause it IS secluded, and brings back alot of memories for me.

My good boy is going to the bank tommorow to withdraw some money to help fund my stay. Does he have to? Nope. The beach house is a steal and I can get it myself. Does he want to, so I can have a great time and have more money to spend on other things? Yep. He understands that my happiness comes first, always. And it excites him to put a smile on my face.

I was talking to my Tart last weekend, and GOD, she cracks me up. She is one sassy bitch. I bet she'd be a fucking blast to hang out with in real-time. I told her I was going to come over to the Midwest, take her to a sex shop and try on the sluttiest trashiest lingerie I can find. Of course, she'd have to model it for all to see. I bet she would walk through that store like she was on the runway....HAHAHA.

So anyways, that sums up the highlights of my week. Oh, and look out, because my other best friend is coming to NiteFlirt real soon. Keep checking back for her link.

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Just got done online shopping with a $100.00 giftcard I recieved from Ken. When I move, I will definitely have all new stuff...lol. I bought a TV stand, comforter set, set of glasses, and a bakeware set. Oh, how domestic of me....

Hey, if any of you ladies are reading this.....let me tell you about fatchance 1988. He is a dorky loser who you shouldn't waste your time with. Seriously....RUN!!!! I think his name says it all. Fat Chance....more like Fat Fucking Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feeling a bit better! MotherFUCKER, this shit has been kicking my ass! But I try not to complain...then I would sound like you boys...LOL!


I'm sitting here trying to work on my pending website. Guess I shoulda read the manual, huh? Well. that's me for ya...always trying to do things my way. I can't wait to get it up and running. The World Wide Web needs a little more of Princess Lexi, don't you think?

On to nicer things....I woke up yesterday morning to find an unexpected Amazon Giftcard in my e-mail. Thank you, Mr. Longing for Chastity ( ha...nickname I just made up). I guess he must have seen the predicament I had Tart in, and couldn't resist. Putting boys in chastity is fun, and I have a feeling he could be the next one. Tart and I should be having another hotel session soon. I cannot wait!

So if you read my last entry, you know I'm moving and buying new things. Not only can you go to my Amazon Wishlist but you can also send egiftcards to me from Target and Wal-Mart. I can buy alot of little households items from those two places.

Send them to :princesslexihumiliates@yahoo.com

I'm on the phones for a couple more hours, after a two day hiatus. So quit jerkin your little maggot and press my call button!

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What's been going on with me

Back for another update:

Well, I still feel kinda crappy, but a better. I am such a baby when I'm sick. I would like to say thank you to my two main boys, who were sweet enough to check up on me.

I've been working out alot lately, and I've been feeling awesome. It's funny what a little activity and healthy eating will do for you! Unfortunately, I was neglecting my wellness, putting everything else before myself. I enlisted Tart to help me. He's been alot of help, He's given me incentive...every goal I hit, he buys me clothes. Oh, lucky me...lol. And I know he will come through. I've also had alot of fun with Ken. I devised a budget for him, and he now knows what he is expected to tithe to Princess Lexi each week. Why do I say tithe? Because I am his Goddess. And 10% of his income belongs to me. Every time he's a good boy, he earns special privileges. The right to touch MY cock (it's no longer his), pics, my attention. I am also gonna make a custom smoking video for him as well, as long as he keeps it up. I am in the process of making a vid for my slave in ATL. Of course, I'm gonna make him shell out some serious cash for it. Why? Because I can. Simple as that.

Lastly, I am moving in the next couple of months. I HATE the process of moving. I hate putting things into boxes, unpacking, etc. SO I've decided to make the process a little easier. Basically, out with the old, in with the new. I have made a Wishlist on my Amazon "Things for my new house". There are some high priced things, and some cheaper stuff. Good boys can go visit it and make me VERY happy. Just think, the more time spent packing stuff up, the less time I am spending turning ya'll into my bitches. I've already bought a few things with an Amazon giftcard ( thanks Ken!). So boys, don't sit there and contemplate. Just go the left, and visit the link.So get on it....sluts.


I''m feeling really sick, shitty, and unable to take calls right now. You boys can make my night a little brighter by worshipping my tribute buttons and/or Amazon wishlist. I'm too tired to even post the buttons on here, so you better hightail it over to my links page on the left!!!!
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